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"Dogs feel very strongly that they should always go with you in the car, in case the need should arise for them to bark violently at nothing right in your ear." ~Dave Barry




































































"It is impossible to keep a straight face in the presence of kittens."
~Cynthia Varnado

WARNING! Extreme and sometimes overwhelming cuteness ahead!
These are a collection of pictures from our graduates! We are pleased to say that they have all been adopted, but if you are looking for cuteness that is ready to take home, check out our adoption page!


Puppies | Kittens

Welcome to the Puppy Nursery!


Faith's MiracleHi! My name is Faith, and here is my story...For those of you who don't know me, I am Faith, and I am a standard bred poodle. For those of you not familiar with my kind, we are the unsung fabulous wonders of the canine world (although we might not be big on modesty!). How can I so matter-of-factly make this claim, you wonder? Well...we are highly intelligent, great with kids, and all around fun dogs to have in the family! And this is all documented, just in case you don't want to take my word for it. But enough about me! Meet my darling puppies!!! (I am so proud)

Faith"They were here just a minute ago! My foster Mom, Anne (she is GREAT!) helps take care of me and my little troop of trouble!"
Faith and pup
"Mom! There you are Mom! MOM! Let's play Mom! Let's play NOW Mom! Mom! WOW!"
Nursing Pups
"But let me back up a bit here...here is my gang having lunch. Or is it breakfast? Or maybe this was just a snack. They sure eat a lot, so I feel like I'm doing this a lot!!"
Nursing Pups (again!)
"Here we are snacking in the birthing area that my foster Mom made for me."
Time for a Nap...
"When in doubt about what to do...napping is a always a good option AND it's something everyone can agree on."

Sleepy little one
"There are days when I wonder what it's like to be fully awake..."

Enthusiastic tug-of-war
"Errr...woof...grrrr...here we are learning to play tug-n-woof, I mean tug-o-war...from one of our uncles. Hey, can't we have more than one of these?"

What do we do now?
"Hey, where'd it go? Hey Uncle! Is the tug-o-woof over?
Hey what's that? I'm hungry. Where's Mom?"
Settling in for a nap
What do dogs dream of? Cats? Chasing tails? Chasing cat's tails? Nap? Food. Definitely food.

The gang's all here...napping!
"Hey, did you see that over there? Maybe I ought to go investigate and see what that is. But I am awfully comfy right here. *sigh* Maybe I'll go look at that later. Yeah...later."
Welcome to the Kitten Nursery!

"All for one and one for all"
~The Three Musketeers

"Does this thing move by itself
or do I need a paddle?" ~Annette

"She told me she was 16 weeks old!"
~Coyote & Annette

"My motto: Play hard. Sleep harder."
"Hold everything...is that a tuna can I just heard in there? Elston, listen."
~Elston & Pineapple

"Samson versus
The Evil Octopus,
just like in 20,000 Leagues
Under the Sea...oh, wait, that was a squid....nevermind."

"Wait...I can explain, just give me a moment...let's not jump to any irrational conclusions here based on circumstance." ~Jack Sparrow
"We are family! I got all my kitties with me!" ~Meadow and gang

"Some days I just don't know whether I
am coming....

...or going!"
"Mama always said - if you feel a nap
coming on, just go with it!"

"Hey, while those guys are all napping,
maybe I can get an extra treat...or something."
~Puddin & Pineapple

"Did someone say we are cousins? You sure don't look like my cousin, but then again Bo Duke didn't look anything like Luke Duke so I guess it could be true!" ~Samson & Meringue

"First rule of high-quality napping: Find something soft and warm to cuddle up on." ~the world according to Graham & Puddin

"When I grow up, I want to be the main outfielder for the Washington Nationals! I've already got the mitts to make me a star!"
~Puddin (aka future MVP recipient)

"I'm dreaming of a bowl full of tuna...just like the ones I used to know...." ~Pineapple Dreamin'

Graham and his posse

"How can I watch this Happy Potter movie when you keep singing? There are no words to the theme song!" ~Elston & Pineapple