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"Our task must be to free ourselves...by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty." ~Albert Einstein


Happy endings aren't only found in fairy "tails!"

It makes all of our tails wag around here to hear back from those who adopted homeless animals, and to know that those dogs and cats found loving homes and loving families they can call their own. It's what we are all about here at the Louisa Humane Society! Thank you!

Please share your story about pets you adopted from the Louisa Humane Society! Please email or write us (include a photo if possible!) and we will, with your permission, proudly post it here. We love to hear how everyone is doing (plus it gives our other four-footed cuties hope for their future!

Lucy Goose (aka Wilma): Doggie Dreams DO Come True!

Lucy-Goose!I never knew a dog could be such a wonderful pet...Lucy is a real "bed bug." She keeps herself very clean..and she doesn't grovel or drool! She loves cuddling with me - ANYTIME! Even the 2 cats join us at night on my bed. Anyhow - she is fun and easy to care for. We jog in good weather on the farm across the street and hunt for bones. She has peed only two times since moving in! That is wonderful for me (I mean peeing on the living room rug!) Lucy sleeps quite a bit and I think that she may still be recovering from her attack. She has a 7 month old angus steer as a brother (she seems to like cattle). Also she has a group of labs to play with when I ride my horse. Lastly, she has a hound boy friend who visits on weekends. She is a full time joy! Thanks for bringing her picture to the Flint Hill Post Office.
Sincerely, Gail R.

There is noplace like home!

Sootie (aka Pete) Finds Love at Lake Anna!

Soots!What a wonderful boy you gave us......he is quite the character....challenging, cute, smart and very lovable. Eli & Abe are adjusting in their own way, a little jealous at times, but I think they like him. They do have their very energetic moments of playing together and it's quite fun to watch!!! He is definitely a water dog and we can't wait for summer to see him swim....swim... swim......stay tuned!

Soots too!



There is noplace like home!

Topper & The BIG Valentine's Day SNOW Adventure

TopperI haven't given an update in a while and thought you may be wondering how Topper has been.  Well, Topper seems to be starting to accept living life with a basket of bones at his disposal, being covered with a blanket on cold winter nights, being told he is the best boy dog in the world (Cheyenne is the best girl dog), and running around in the snow. He has made quite a bit of progress, though he has a way to go. He has come pretty far in accepting Kevin.  He will sit by him on the couch.  He follows Kevin all over the Topper 2house when he knows he is going on a hike with him.  He puts his paws on Kevin's back in the morning when he is ready to go out to pee and have breakfast.  He remains somewhat skiddish around him, but we can see that it won't last forever.

After the Valentine's Day snow storm that brought us two feet of snow I had three snow days and the entire following week off for winter break.  Kevin had the week after me off and two days the following week.  So after close to four weeks of Topper getting used to one of us being around all day, he had some trouble when we both were back at work. 

Topper3For the first week he we would find whatever he decided to bring on the bed that day chewed up.  One day it was my slipper, then my shoe (I put my shoes in the closet at that point), then an old couch pillow that he sleeps with on our bed, and a few dog toys.  We had to put the dog toys up so he wouldn't swallow any squeakers.  He obviously was letting us know he wasn't pleased.  Of course, we understood and knew it would pass, which it did.  It was like a little kid having a little tantrum, only we just spoiled him more because we felt bad for him.

Topper & CheyenneHe is doing great on his weekly visits to doggie daycare and seems to be excited to go.  He carries his tail up often which is great to see.  He sits, shakes, lies down, and begs.  He won't speak and if he is not in the mood to do his tricks he runs away and jumps on the couch.  He is a very good boy and really doesn't do anything wrong.  We can't wait for the warmer weather so we can take him to the water.  We went on a long walk today and he was very nervous when we passed some kids playing basketball.  Kevin takes him to school with him on days when there aren't any kids and whoever is in the building loves to see Topper and Cheyenne.  It helps him to get more comfortable around other people. 

He is sleeping on the couch right now.  He likes the curved part of the sectional and doesn't really like to lie in any other spot on the couch.  He is quite a jumper and loves to leap off the back porch and skip all of the stairs. When he first goes out in the yard he leaps around like a deer.  It is pretty funny!  He has found a new playmate in Cheyenne since she started arthritis medication a few weeks ago.  She is so much happier and much more active.

I hope all of you are well and thanks again for all you do for all of the animals like Topper.  Take care, Kim

There is noplace like home!

Tulip & Louie: Doin' Just Fine and Dandy!

This photo sort of speaks for itself.Tulip and Louie

There is noplace like home!

Rudy: Never Had it SOOOOO Good!!!

Rudy at Christmas!I wanted to send you this picture of Rudy, and to let you know that he is doing GREAT!! Thanks again to you and the whole group, so much, for putting the two of us together!



There is no place like home!

Dear Foster Mommy,

I am adjusting to my new home very well. I think I have
these people trained. They pet me a lot and give me nightly back rubs and belly rubs, just the way I like. They sit on the floor to pet me for a long time. Sometimes they stop petting me because I appear to be sleeping, but as soon as they stop, I make them pet me longer. I have them eating
right out of my paw. I love to sit with them all evening, while they watch TV.

AggieMy new mommy takes me for long walks on the property everyday. I like to stop and eat deer poopie, but she won't let me. I just love to run circles around her because I can walk
and run faster than she can. During the daytime, I like to follow her all over the house. She lets me keep toys all over the house, so that I have toys to chew and play with in every room that she's in. I hear them talking to each other and they say that they adore me, and are so happy that I came to share their life and home. I think I'm pretty lucky
too, because they love me and spoil me.

Well, I'd better go now; I have toys to chew and I'm going to see if I can get my mommy to give me a nice back rub.
Love and tail wags, Aggie

There is no place like home!

Jefferson (aka Remington Steel): The Love of My Life!

I'm not sure if you remember me.I took "Jefferson" nearly 3
years ago and renamed him Remington Steel. Anyway, he's the only thing that keeps me going from one day to the next, and I just thought as I was sitting at my desk eating my lunch, maybe I should share the valentine for him. He likes for me to sing to him. He hates whistling, but likes singing, so I make up words to songs sometimes, and on Valentine's day
I made up words to My funny valentine. Nothing great, took all of 3 minutes, but thought you might like it and his picture.

Remi's Valentine (to the tune of My Funny Valentine
By Mommy (Diana Lee Johnson)

Remi's ValentineMy fuzzy valentine
Sweet precious valentine
You make me smile with my heart

You're so adorable
Days were deplorable
Until my life you were a part

Are your fangs a little bold
Is your nose a little cold
Were you just a little older than they said

Don't change a hair for me
Not if you care for me
Stay whiskered valentine stay
Each day is valentine's day

There is no place like home!

Texas and Gandalf: Two in a MILLION!

Tex and Gandalf What started out to be a foster home for Texas (gorgeous brown tabby) and Andy (renamed Gandalf - the gorgeous flame lynx point Siamese) ended up being a permanent home as my husband and we fell immediately in love with these two adorable, wonderful animals. With personalities that are as different as their appearances, they were instant pals, and we can't imagine life without them. With our recent move to a mountain home on 9 acres outside Stanardsville, these two fell right into their new surroundings, eager for open windows to perch in to watch the birds and smell the mountain air, and for their daily supervised walk/run-abouts outside! These boys are a one-in-a-million gift to us, as I guess we are to them, and we thank the Louisa Humane Society for hooking us up! They are doing spectacularly! They also share their home with two other shelter kitties, Pixel and Kaylee, who they get along with pretty well. Life is good.
~Allison Vonn-Love & Bryan Vonn

There is no place like home!

Armani: A New and Better Life!

ArmaniWe just wanted to thank you again for finding us Armani -- she is the world's sweetest dog and we just love her (she is sitting on my lap as I type this!).

All is working out well - she loves everyone (dogs, kids & adults) in the neighborhood and she and Al are starting obedience school next week. It's been a blast discovering all her idiosyncrasies -- she hates getting up early in the morning (I can relate!) and getting wet in the rain - quite the princess! I hope all your placements work out as well!
Take care, Michelle, Al and Armani King

There is no place like home!

Drop us a line (and a photo too please!!) about your own unique "TAIL of Love" after adopting your shelter pet. We'd love to hear from you!